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Fernwood Bulleen Personal Trainer Paula discusses why she was always destined for a career in fitness

My passion for health and fitness began…

In my twenties, before I had children, I became super fit and felt great. When my children came along, I saw fitness as the perfect career option for me. Once qualified as a personal trainer, I started with Fernwood (14 years ago) and was able to schedule my day around my young family. 

I need to be with people and supporting people. I can’t stand sitting all day and need to be active, so working in a gym and supporting our members to feel fantastic is absolutely my dream job.

My favourite workout routine is…

I prefer to work out with others, which is why I love FIIT30 – it’s a short (30-minute) workout that ticks off both cardiovascular and strength training. When I can, I love getting out to the Dandenongs and climbing the 1000 steps, or going for a bike ride. 

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I’ve always wanted to…

I’d love to try surfing and stand-up paddle boarding – both look like so much fun! Plus, I absolutely love going to the beach. I also plan to take some swimming lessons so I can enjoy swimming more. I love the warmer months and spend a lot of time on the Mornington Peninsula, either walking, bike riding or being in the water.

The best piece of advice I’ve received is…

Don’t play the comparison game. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we don’t measure up, but then we don’t appreciate the good things about ourselves. 

Vanilla or chocolate?

Chocolate all the way! Vanilla is OK too, but chocolate wins hands down.

When I need a motivational boost…

I find being with people generally picks me up and I really need to be active. I take myself outside and go for a walk if I need to clear my head, preferably by the water if I can. I find music picks me up and I use meditation practice and give myself time out if I feel I need it.

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