12 better for you options at the food court 12 better for you options at the food court

When hunger strikes between meals, the local takeaway or convenience store beckons. But those snacks you grab while on the run could be adding more kilojoules to your diet than you think. Swap them for these better alternatives:

McDonald’s soft serve cone – 627kJ

Better alternative: Jalna Fat-Free Natural Yoghurt 200g – 440kJ
Keep a pot of Jalna on hand for when those dairy cravings strike. Swapping a soft serve for a pot of yoghurt provides more protein and boosts your intake of healthy probiotics.

Gloria Jeans Hot Chocolate – 1030kJ

Better alternative: Jarrah Chocolatte Frothy Classic – 196kJ
When you’re craving chocolate and no substitute will do, don’t head straight to your nearest takeaway coffee store for a hot chocolate. Most convenience stores will stock Jarrah Chocolatte, which you can simply mix with hot water back at home or your workplace for a much lighter choccy fix.

4 Natural Confectionary Jelly Snakes – 483kJ

Better alternative: small punnet of strawberries (250g) – 262kJ
Snacking on lollies sends your blood sugar through the roof... and crashing back down – sending you straight back to the pantry in search of another sugar fix. Opt for nature’s lolly – the strawberry – for a lower fat, lower sugar, low GI and high-fibre snack.

Sushi Sushi Cooked Tuna Hand roll – 877kJ

Better alternative: Sirena tuna in oil (drained) on two 9 Grain Vita-Weats – 503kJ
That Sushi hand roll tastes so good because it’s filled with Japanese mayo. Save cash by keeping a can of protein-rich Sirena tuna in your handbag to snack on when the tummy rumbles start.

Carman’s Classic Fruit and Nut Muesli Bar – 819kJ

Better alternative: 6 almonds and 5 dried apricot halves – 456kJ
We love Carman’s muesli creations, but if you’re watching your intake, keep the muesli bars to special occasions only. The sunflower oil and honey used to glue these more-ish mouthfuls together also increases their kilojoule count. Snack on raw almonds and dried apricot halves instead.

Ski D’Lite 99% Fat Free Wild Strawberry Yoghurt (200g) – 738kJ

Better alternative: low-fat natural yoghurt + 4 chopped strawberries – 543kJ
Skip the strawberry flavouring in low-fat yoghurt for the real deal and you’ll be trading in for a much lower GI, fibre-filling snack with added vitamin C, folate, and antioxidants.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate – 896kJ

Better alternative: 2 squares of NESTLÉ CLUB Original Dark Chocolate – 340kJ
Those creamy Lindor balls are every bit as kilojoule dense as they taste. Swap the milk chocolate variety for a couple of small squares of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

Banana bread – 810kJ

Better alternative: small banana sliced on multigrain toast – 582kJ
Don’t be fooled by the word ‘bread’ – the amount of extra butter and sugar that goes into banana bread classifies this ‘bread’ as a cake. Slice the actual banana on a piece of toasted wholegrain bread to keep your kilojoule count in check.

Baker’s Delight Escargot – 1712kJ

Better alternative: Baker’s Delight Fruit Bun – 910kJ
Portion control is the key here! The size of the escargot pushes its kilojoule count well beyond the recommended amount for a main meal. If you’re shopping for a sweet sultana snack at Baker’s Delight, downsize to the Fruit Bun, and save on almost half the kilojoules.

Boost Juice Medium All Berry Bang – 1048kJ

Better alternative: homemade smoothie with 75g mixed frozen berries, half a cup of low-fat milk, and 100g of low-fat natural yoghurt – 646kJ
It’s no secret that the base ingredient in Boost Juice’s All Berry Bang is kilojoule-dense apple juice. Make your smoothie at home and switch the juice for low-fat milk for a more satiating protein fix.

Muffin Break Low-Fat Blueberry Apple Muffin – 1331kJ

Better alternative: wholemeal crumpet with a thin spread of jam – 516kJ
'Low fat' can often be just another way of saying ‘high in sugar’. Be wary of snack foods with hidden sugars. When in need of a sweet fix, opt for a wholemeal crumpet instead with jam or honey so you can control the amount of sugar you add.

Subway Choc Chip Cookie – 900kJ

Better alternative: Veggie Delight Sub – 859kJ
There’s nothing nutritious about a Subway Choc Chip Cookie. For 40 less kilojoules, you could grab the Veggie Delight Sub and get the fibre-filling benefit of eating real lettuce, tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cucumbers.