10 Steps to positive thinking 10 steps to positive thinking

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? Although we all aspire keep our glasses half full, but it can be hard to remain positive when life experiences tell us that things don’t always go to plan. Harness the power of positivity in your life with these 10 steps.

1. Don’t believe everything you think

It’s hard to live life without having negative thoughts. As positive as we try to be, a simple glance in a badly lit mirror can undo all that positivity in a moment, leaving us feeling ‘old’ or ‘fat’. Just don’t listen to everything you tell yourself. Did you feel fat yesterday? No? Chances are you look the same.

2. Focus on what you want

We’re always quick to list what we don’t want, but how much time do we spend focusing on what we do want? When you encounter a problem, don’t talk about everything that’s wrong and needs to be fixed, start with what your ultimate outcome would be – what you really want – and work towards that.

3. Surround yourself with happy moments

We can’t always be on holiday, or with the person who brings out the best in us, but we can surround ourselves with photos from the moments that made us happiest. Look for photos that create a reaction within you – a smile, a memory, a chuckle – these are the ones you need to surround yourself with.

4. Be active on social media

People’s lives on social media always seem exciting – that’s because people only post about things that are noteworthy. Aim to share your own piece of happiness each day. The process will encourage you to seek out smaller moments of positivity in your life so you’ll always have something to boast about.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

We’re more likely to feel good about ourselves when we keep people who value and support us around. Draw those in your life who boost you up closer, and distance yourself from those who bring you down. And as you bring those into your life who support you, nurture and supporting them in return.

6. Get active

Exercise boosts the production of feel-good happy endorphins – giving you a natural high. Plus it’s hard to take that negative self-talk seriously when you’ve just conquered a 10k run!

7. Get in touch with nature

Sometimes just taking time out to realise the world is a much bigger, complex entity that you are, can bring things into perspective. Spending time appreciating the beauty in nature has been proven to improve mood, reduce stress and boost happiness.

8. Practice self-acceptance

You may not be a supermodel, an Olympic athlete, or a Rhodes scholar, but that’s OK. Look at all the thing you are. Don’t beat yourself up about your weaknesses; focus on the positives, and get on with doing what you do best.

9. Let go of your need for perfection

It’s impossible to be perfect in everything you do… and where’s the fun in that anyway? If you won the first tennis match you ever played, you’d miss out on all the fun that goes with improving, learning, and noticing your achievements. You’d miss out on the chance to pat yourself on the back with every little improvement. Strive for always improving, but never perfecting – and you’ll always be achieving something.

10. Be present in everything you do

Focus on being present in everything you do: with the person you’re talking to, with what you’re writing, with the music you’re listing to, and the food you’re eating. Enjoy each and every moment as you’re living it. There’s no need to stress too much about events that have happened in the past or that will happen in the future. The only moment you need to live in is now.