Is aerobic or anaerobic exercise the best Is aerobic or anaerobic exercise the best

No longer are personal trainers only for the rich and famous. Personal training is for everyone, and it could be the missing link in your health and fitness regimen.

A personal trainer's job is to push you more than you would yourself, to get you fantastic results in the shortest amount of time.

We know there are many more reasons to get a personal trainer, but here are 10 pretty good ones to start...

  1. Faster results.
  2. You know you're doing things right.
  3. Only 30 minutes once a week.
  4. A personal motivator of your very own.
  5. Get you into an exercise habit or out of an exercise rut.
  6. You can choose a trainer whose style best motivates you.
  7. A program designed to suit you.
  8. Someone to give you the extra push when you need it.
  9. Expert advice from a qualified fitness professional.
  10. It's fun.

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